#44 Faith that makes a difference


Passage: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Have you ever felt that ‘your suffering’ is worse than everyone else’s? I know I have! The fact is, everywhere you turn, people are suffering in different ways and more so … Read More

#43 A Call to Persevere


Passage: Hebrews 10:19-25 As the third lockdown begins a sense of weariness has descended. Unlike the first lockdown where there was a novelty factor and we had summer to look forward to or the second … Read More

#42 Setting Your Sights Too Low!


Passage: John 1:1-18 As 2020 comes to an end it was a year like few of us have ever experienced. Obviously, we face 2021 with the hope of the success of the vaccine, an end … Read More

#41 Knockout Christmas Gifts!


Passage: Matthew 2:1-12 At the heart of Christmas is the giving and receiving of presents. Some people love it and others loathe it. Some people spend hours carefully thinking about what loved ones would like … Read More

#40 When Royalty Arrives


Passage: Matthew 2:1-12 How close have you been to royalty? Maybe there will be some reading this who’ve been proud recipients of honours from the Queen or have attended a royal garden party at Buckingham … Read More

#39 Christmas on the Underground


Passage: Matthew 1:18-25 Having focused last week on the genealogy at the beginning of Matthew’s Gospel, and seeing what a messy royal family it is, I thought it would be good to focus this week … Read More

#38 Messy Royal Families


Passage – Matthew 1:1-17 I, like many of you, am enjoying season 4 of ‘The Crown’ on Netflix and we’re up to the point of Charles and Diana getting married in 1981. Even allowing for … Read More

Thoughts for Busy Parents

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Ideas and Inspiration for Faith at home. Christmas Edition. This is the first of our quartley eNewsletters , written by our family Pioneer, Liam Maguire. Take a look here:

#37 Confidence in the Face of Chaos


Passage: Psalm 93 The day was Tuesday 17th November. It was my morning ‘quiet time’, coffee and toast in place, as I sat in my regular place at my normal time. Yes I am totally … Read More