Thoughts for Busy Parents

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Ideas and Inspiration for ‘Bringing Fatih Home’. Easter Edition. Take a look at our second quartley eNewsletter, written by our family pioneer, Liam Maguire.

#55 What does the Cross achieve?


Passage – Mark 15:33-41 Most organisations, institutions, teams and causes have a symbol or logo that they hope will become recognisable. Everyone knows the four rings of Audi, the multicoloured ‘G’ for Google or the … Read More

#53 Cross-Shaped Lives


Passage – Mark 10:35-45 Over 25 years ago I left the world of stockbroking in the City and undertook some theological education before entering full-time Christian ministry. I learned a ton of stuff during that … Read More

#52 The Heart of the Matter


Passage – Mark 7:1-23 As some of you know, we recently acquired a new member of the family, a black Labrador puppy, called Otto. At the moment we are in the midst of puppy training. … Read More

#51 The Right Way Up!


Passage: Mark 4:35-5:43 You don’t have to be of a melancholy disposition or a glass half-empty temperament to realise that the world we live in is seriously broken. This past year we have suffered the … Read More

#50 Power, Popularity & Problems


Passage: Mark 1:1-3:35 How are you doing with the Lent Challenge and reading a bit of Mark’s Gospel each day? It’s OK, I’m not going to be checking up on you, but I trust that … Read More

#49 A Challenge for Lent!


Read Mark’s Gospel The date of this Pep Talk is the 17th February which happens to be Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent which runs for six weeks (approx.) leading up to Easter Sunday. … Read More

#48 It Must Be Love, Love, Love


Passage – Psalm 107 I can guarantee that as soon as some of you saw the title of this week’s Pep Talk, you immediately started humming or singing the song by Madness from 1981 (or … Read More