Thoughts for Busy Parents

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Ideas and Inspiration for Faith at home. Christmas Edition. This is the first of our quartley eNewsletters , written by our family Pioneer, Liam Maguire. Take a look here:

Christmas at ACC

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Join us this Christmas at ACC. Below are the details of all our services over the Christmas period. Looking forward to seeing you there! For further info, please email

Summer Prayer


Summer Prayer – Wednesdays 8pm Over the summer, instead of our weekly small groups will be gathering on Wednesday evenings for our Summer Prayer Meetings. Each week, we’ll be zeroing in on Jesus most used … Read More

What is God Up To?


It’s 520BC and God’s people are back in Jerusalem after the exile, but all is not right. The rebuilding of the Temple, destroyed by the Babylonians, got off to a great start, but the project … Read More

Liberated – Discovering Deuteronomy


On Sunday 2nd October we’ll be starting our new evening service series, ‘Liberated’. In this series, we’ll go through the Ten Commandments from Deuteronomy 5:1-21, whilst using the rest of Deuteronomy to see why each … Read More